• Kenneth Hawkey is an artist who paints with oils or with acrylics.
  • Known for his paintings that depict a strong sense of place.
  • Represented by Larkin Gallery, Inc., Provincetown, MA and by Post Office Gallery, North Truro Village, MA.
  • His work is in collections across the USA and in Europe.
  • A representational painting style is his natural way to convey those things in contemporary life that affect him the most.
  • His style aries from natural instincts related to color theory and proportion.
  • A sample of available paintings appear throughout this site.
Artist Statement

"Art manifests as an expression of who the artist is, of what the artist wants to share and how the audience responds to the work. Art is an expression of experiences, places the artist has traveled to and hopes to visit - physically, mentally, emotionally and metaphorically.

Art uses craft through which the artist attempts to convey history, memories, goals, beliefs and emotion, deliberately depicted or subtly suggested.

Painting is the means I have to share these things and experience them more profoundly and wholly both through the work itself and through the impression the works make on the viewer. I may research my subjects in a way so that I feel I better understand the subject and express through the work not only my understanding of and appreciation for the subject, but present the viewer with work that also expresses the importance I attach to the subject.

With each new piece I create, I am challenged to go beyond and reach new levels of my own understanding and meld my relationship to the subject, the craft and and the interaction the viewer has with the work." 

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E N N E T H 
Visual Artist

Kenneth Hawkey was born in upstate New York. He studied all of the fine arts and used his education and his talents throughout the Northeast working as a scene designer and scenic painter, a graphic artist, book designer and garden designer all the while concentrating on painting. He settled permanently in Truro, MA in 1991 at which time he had his first solo art exhibit in Provincetown. Since then there have been many artistic successes, developments, awards, exhibits, teachings and explorations.